Bugs related to preedit in Qt6 and Chromium

Let’s look at another problem I recently discovered.


I'm worried because I'm sick these days.

I had so much back pain yesterday that I called 119 and went to the emergency room.


Problems and Solutions of Nimf

Updated: Sun Feb 18 07:35:57 KST 2024


Cim 1.0.0 Released

Cim 1.0.0 is released.
The example source code is also attached, so if you are interested, please try it.


Nimf 2024.01.25 Released

Nimf 2024.01.25 is released.


Result of applying kqueue to nimf

When I checked with the top command, kqread is displayed in the STATE column.


I am applying kqueue() to Nimf.

In the case of poll(), there is a problem that if n fds are added, the loop to check the event must repeat n times. However, since kevent() returns a list of events that have occurred, the loop only needs to iterate as many times as the number of events that have occurred. So I’m expecting that using kqueue() will improve the performance of Nimf.


How to create a virtual absolute path

This function creates a virtual absolute path.
One thing to consider is that the path does not exceed PATH_MAX.
If you input a relative path, it will be combined with the result of the getcwd() function.


File monitoring algorithm

I’m currently writing file monitoring source code.
This is the source code implemented in C.
I plan to integrate this code into Cloop.
In the future, I plan to apply it to the client side of Nimf and operate it in both a communication-based singleton instance method and a non-communication-based multi-instance method.


Amount of damage caused by recent malicious behavior

The recent malicious behavior reminded me of some malicious behavior I suffered about 5 years ago.

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