I succeeded in displaying the nimf indicator in Ubuntu MATE.

Several months ago, there was a request to create the latest Nimf package for Ubuntu 18.04 32-bit. However, I have not been able to create a package due to various reasons, and began creating a package on March 27, 2024. After trying several times, the package creation was successful on March 31st, but there was a problem in which the nimf indicator was not displayed in Ubuntu MATE. After struggling for about a week, I finally succeeded.


When using Linux, I get angry more than once.

Updated: Sun Apr 7 10:56:46 KST 2024


I encountered two issues when running the latest Nimf on Ubuntu 18.04.

Currently Nimf only uses kqueue for its event loop. The current nimf cannot be compiled on Linux. So last time I created the Nimf package for Ubuntu 18.04 using libkqueue.


Latest Nimf indicator not working in Ubuntu 18.04.

I’m still struggling today.


I succeeded in creating the latest Nimf package for Ubuntu 18.04 32-bit.

The latest Nimf uses a library called libxkbregistry. This library is part of libxkbcommon. libxkbregistry was added in libxkbcommon 0.11.0. Ubuntu 18.04 doesn’t have libxkbregistry because the version of libxkbcommon is 0.10.0.


Failed to create latest Nimf package for Ubuntu 18.04.

There was a previous request to create the latest Nimf package for Ubuntu 18.04 32-bit. I installed Ubuntu MATE 18.04 32-bit yesterday and tried to compile Nimf today, but I got an error when compiling nimf-settings. That’s because Ubuntu 18.04 doesn’t have xkbregistry. So, I downloaded the source code of the libxkbcommon package for Ubuntu 22.04 and tried compiling it on Ubuntu 18.04, but errors kept occurring and it took too long to resolve, so I gave up.


I am preparing the latest Nimf package for Linux.

A lot of bad things have happened recently. As a result, my health worsened. From now on, rather than temporarily suspending Nimf distribution until the malicious behavior is stopped, I plan to continue Nimf distribution while taking legal action.


It looks like the uveitis in my eye has come back again.

The first time uveitis occurred in my eyes was in 2013. In 2013, there was an incident in the Korean Ubuntu community where they ported my hwp library, created libohwp, disguised my writing as their own, and registered it for a government-supported open source project. They received money by disguising my results as their own. I was under a lot of stress at that time.


Nimf 2024.03.18 Released

Hello. Nimf 2024.03.18 is released.


How to create the sunpinyin package for FreeBSD.

The sunpinyin port was removed on June 26, 2021.

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