Nimf input tool

Nimf is an input tool for Unix-like environments.

Nimf provides:

  • Input Method Server:
    • nimf
  • Settings tool:
    • nimf-settings
  • Virtual keyboard driver:
    • nimf-forward
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HSK Hanzi 3000

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Common input method

Cim stands for Common input method.

Input methods in Linux and BSD are fragmented.

There are many input methods in Linux and BSD, such as XIM, Gtk-IM, Qt-IM, and Wayland-IM.

Cim is software that integrates these input methods.

Already, the Gtk input method and the Qt input method are plugin methods, and it has already been proven that there is no problem for decades when these plugin methods are used for input.

However, since the Gtk input method and Qt input method depend on Gtk and Qt, respectively, X-only, Java, Wayland-only, and console-only applications cannot use such Gtk and Qt input methods.

So I designed a common input method with C API by removing the dependency on Gtk from the Gtk input method.

Cim is made with C API and has no dependencies, so it can be used in various computer languages and applications.

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