2018.05.13.png My name is Hodong Kim.
I have been developing and maintaining Nimf since 2015.
I like classical music, Chinese songs and Korean songs. I always listen to music.

Contributions and donations to open-source

There are many more than those listed below.

2024.03.18 Donated $5 to FreeBSD.
2024.02.04 FreeBSD: libstdthreads: destroy mutexattr in mtx_init()

2023.04.21 Donated $1 to GNOME.
2023.04.19 Donated $10 to Conor Hastings for react-syntax-highlighter

2022.10.25 gtk: Fix a typo
2022.06.28 FreeBSD: Fix typo in X11 handbook chapter
2022.04.26 glib: Fix the annotation of g_utf8_strncpy()
2022.01.20 libx11: Fix two memory leaks in _XFreeX11XCBStructure()
2022.01.15 libxcb: Fix a memory leak
2022.01.07 libx11: specs/XIM: fix a missing “EXT” in the documentation

2021.11.14 libx11: Fix a typo
2021.11.07 gtk: Fix typos

2020.10.24 geany: Disconnect signal handler from vte before destroying the widget.

2019.07.25 ibus: client/x11: Update LOCALES_STRING
2019.06.24 gtk: Fix a typo
2019.04.28 Donated 29,654 KRW to LibreOffice.
2019.04.28 Donated $10 to Mozilla.
2019.04.28 Donated 29,654 KRW to GNOME

2018.11.19 Donated 3,013 KRW to Geany.
2018.06.13 Donated 71,594 KRW to Debian.

2015.07.21 ibus: client/x11: Remove an unused variable
2015.04.28 ibus: Fix typo in util/IMdkit/IMdkit.h and Xi18n.h
2015.04.02 ibus: Fix compile error in client/x11/Makefile
2015.02.07 ibus-hangul: Added g_variant_unref (value)

2014.12.27 klavaro: Korean language support