Oh! The majesty of my computer

Sun, Jun 30 2024 12:49:38 KST

Lian Li PC-U6 case arrived on June 11th, but I didn’t have time and some parts were needed so I couldn’t finish assembling it.
20240611_200229.jpg 20240611_200304.jpg 20240611_200407.jpg 20240611_200413.jpg 20240611_200538.jpg 20240611_200712.jpg

The power switch and reset switch were shaking, so I checked and found that the switches were held in place with rubber rings.

Velcro cable ties, 2.5/3.5 inch adapter, SATA power splitter cable

I finished setting it up on June 19th.

I think I need to put a green rubber mat or something on the desk. The computer body is shown on the right.
20240619_230508.jpg It’s beautiful.