I succeeded in creating the latest Nimf package for Ubuntu 18.04 32-bit.

Sun, Mar 31 2024 04:33:52 KST

The latest Nimf uses a library called libxkbregistry. This library is part of libxkbcommon. libxkbregistry was added in libxkbcommon 0.11.0. Ubuntu 18.04 doesn’t have libxkbregistry because the version of libxkbcommon is 0.10.0.

The day before yesterday, I tried compiling Ubuntu 22.04’s libxkbcommon 1.4 on Ubuntu 18.04, but it did not pass the functionality test during the compilation process. I still had some regrets, so I tried compiling Nimf again yesterday.

I think it would be possible to use libxkbcommon 1.0.3-2 in debian bullseye.


So, after installing the libxkbcommon 1.0.3-2 deb files provided by Debian on Ubuntu 18.04, I succeeded in compiling Nimf. However, due to quality issues, I will not provide it yet.

Ubuntu 18.04 32-bit download can be obtained from the following link.