Failed to create latest Nimf package for Ubuntu 18.04.

Fri, Mar 29 2024 18:08:26 KST

There was a previous request to create the latest Nimf package for Ubuntu 18.04 32-bit. I installed Ubuntu MATE 18.04 32-bit yesterday and tried to compile Nimf today, but I got an error when compiling nimf-settings. That’s because Ubuntu 18.04 doesn’t have xkbregistry. So, I downloaded the source code of the libxkbcommon package for Ubuntu 22.04 and tried compiling it on Ubuntu 18.04, but errors kept occurring and it took too long to resolve, so I gave up.


To resolve the compilation error, I think I need to update the xkb-data package in Ubuntu 18.04 to the xkb-data package in Ubuntu 22.04. So, when I tried to update the xkb-data package, I got an error.


If I update one by one like this, many of the latest packages in Ubuntu 22.04 will have to be compiled in Ubuntu 18.04 and installed in Ubuntu 18.04.

This will likely take about 15 days to a month. So I decided to give it up. Alternatively, there is a way to implement the function of xkbregistry in Nimf itself, but this also takes about a month. I finally give up.