Nimf 2024.03.18 Released

Mon, Mar 18 2024 22:14:30 KST

Hello. Nimf 2024.03.18 is released.


  • Stripped
  • The ‘clear preedit before new preedit’ option in nimf-korean has been moved to Gtk section.
  • Fixed CLoop.
  • To avoid confusion, nimf-cim name has been changed to nimf-cons.
  • nimf-korean:
    • Fixed a potential dangling reference in preedit.
    • Currently, it contains 3915 Hanja characters and 3850 headwords, and is still being added.

Known bugs

  • There is a bug where input freezes or nimf-forward freezes when switching from an X window to a virtual console.
  • When running nimf-forward or nimf-cons in the console, there is a bug where input freezes.

The above bug seems to take a very long time to fix.

The following are not supported.

There are currently no plans to support Gentoo®, NixOS, Flatpak®, Snap, multi-monitor environments, and HiDPI environments.

You can download it from the Nimf page.

Thank you.